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Corporate Overview


Ardron-Mackie is an independent Canadian lighting company committed to R&D, manufacturing and distributing a range of high-quality and affordable LED lighting fixtures.  Our commitment extends to meeting and exceeding regulatory, quality and compliance requirements.  We value and respect our employees, our business partners, our suppliers and customers and the communities we serve while operating with accountability and integrity in everything we do.


Ardron-Mackie Ltd was founded in 1935 and is a leading Canadian-owned LED lighting manufacturer.   From its factory just outside Toronto, Canada, the company’s products are shipped throughout North America and worldwide.


Today, the company is a leader in the development of proprietary LED solutions for retail applications, including industry-leading efficient lighting solutions for shelf and showcase lighting.



Product Design & Development


Ardron-Mackie has invested heavily in R&D facilities, which include an on-site Lighting Lab featuring a 2.0-meter Spektron coated integrating sphere.  The sphere works hand-in-hand with an Accurate Array Spectroradiometer to analyze the quality and performance of all Ardron-Mackie’s in-house designed light engines. 


The lab equipment allows us to measure all critical parameters including, but not limited to:  Lumens, Watts, Color rendering, Efficacy, Efficiency, Color temperature, Power factor, Total harmonic distortion, and LM79 parameters.


All equipment is certified and calibrated to NIST standards (National Institute of Standards and Technology).


In addition, the lab features a state-of-the-art 3D printing station allowing for rapid development of next-generation products.


In-house Thermal Imaging equipment allows for the validation of electronic and mechanical designs.


Included in the lab is a host of various high-tech testing equipment ensuring all Ardron-Mackie products are rigorously tested prior to entering the production phase.



Sustainable Sourcing Partnerships


At Ardron-Mackie, we’re committed to environmental sustainability through both design and sourcing initiatives.  We collaborate closely with our suppliers to drive sustainable improvements throughout the value chain.  Through its network of industry-leading worldwide suppliers and in-house development capabilities, the products are continually evolving to take advantage of the most efficient and cost-effective components available.  Where possible, products are manufactured from recyclable materials sourced from ethically responsible partners/suppliers.


We believe in long-term strategic supplier relationships to bring superior value to our clients.  Our average partner tenure exceeds 20 years.



Technical  Education & Training


The company’s commitment to utilizing the most advanced LED and other technologies extends to regular training sessions for our employees and partners. 

Our on-site training facilities include the latest technologies to facilitate learning and disseminate information via webinars and live presentations designed to keep up to date on the developments and innovation in the lighting industry.



Certifications and Compliance


Ardron-Mackie is committed to meeting and exceeding regulatory, quality and compliance requirements.   All of our products and systems carry UL and ULc Listing, as well as CE certification.  The products are also Energy Star and DLC certified.  Quarterly factory audits are conducted by independent agencies to ensure compliance.



Industries Served


Ardron-Mackie aims to provide our worldwide customers with a service that extends beyond their expectations by delivering the best-in-class product, fastest shipping times in the industry, comprehensive 5-year warranty and same-day support.  Our customers include independent and multi-national OEMs and global retailers, including hospitality, museums and galleries.

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