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Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Aluminum waste – 100% collected and recycled

  • Aluminum inputs are compromised of 25% recycled

  • materials from an environmentally responsible supply chain

  • Steel waste – 100% collected and recycled

  • No metals are put in garbage collection

  • Scrap cardboard is recycled

  • Office papers are recycled

  • Minimal allowance for garbage bins and pick ups – generally one bin collection per month is all that is generated

  • Scrap management – scrap is managed through internal process to reduce the generations of scrap through Product Design and Process Improvements

  • Collection and recycling of all scrap is outsourced

  • Design for the Environment – Environmental responsibility is always considered within the entire product design process

  • Project based consulting always recommends the most energy efficient solution for achieving client objectives

  • Supply chain management and assessments include suppliers environmental responsibility commitment.

  • Fixture designs incorporate longer service life aluminum housings which are more durable and resists corrosion – and are recyclable at end of life.

  • Powder coating is used as a standard finishing process resulting in reduced emissions and 100% recycling of generated waste

  • Fixtures incorporate inherent efficiencies of reflector design

  • Recyclable light sources from environmentally responsible suppliers are used whenever possible (Energy Star, Dimming Ballasts, ‘DALI’ advanced control ballasts etc.)

  • Newer, more efficient light sources and gear are incorporated into our products as soon as they are available.

Hazardous Materials

  • Near zero generation of hazardous waste – assurance of proper management including collection and disposal

  •  Compliance with company and legal requirements for disposal

  • Outsourced collection and disposal with verified contractor

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